Mediterra Resorts


Mediterra is a Turkish subsidiary of Dolphin Capital Investors Limited (DCI), dedicated to developing residential high end projects in Mediterranean Turkey. Since its inception from its previous proprietor, Istanbul based Kemer Group, Mediterra has been thriving on it's "Giving Life to Places" mission statement, converging quality living spaces with quality

During the early times with off-plan projects in Göcek (South West Turkey), as well as today, with truly spectacular LaVanta (in Kalkan) and Port Kundu (in Kundu, Antalya), Mediterra has continuously been pursuing the quest for excellence, in providing desirable homes for discerning clients.

Immaculate homes, villas, town-houses & apartments, set amidst perfectly manicured landscapes and superb surroundings with stunning Mediterranean vistas, create easy-living, relaxed small communities. Spacious light & airy rooms, vast terraces & balconies provide a living space, highly associated with the concept of outdoor coastal living, unique to the Mediterranean, perfectly blending in with the natural environment.

Mediterra – Turkey’s premier real estate developer on the Mediterranean. Mediterra Resorts develops communities with the vision to gracefully bring together quality living spaces with quality lifestyles. By successfully uniting the business of leisure and the business of residential home sales, Mediterra Resorts has created the ultimate in easy Mediterranean living.

Anyone who chooses to purchase at LaVanta, will not only own prime real estate in a prime location, but they will also become beneficiaries of the expertise of DCI, who will ensure that their investment generates the very best returns possible.

The secure knowledge that DCI makes the best investments on behalf of its shareholders, provides each one of our Home Owners with an additional guarantee for the increasing value of their properties. A great incentive for clients who are focused on investment opportunities with security.

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