Change in the Seasons

When does Summer end for you? Is it when the heating goes back on - although in the UK and Europe this can happen at any time. Is it when the nights start drawing in? Or is it when the kids go back to school?

The start of the school term both in Turkey and Europe at the beginning of September heralds the fact that the season is drawing to a close. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration with two months until the season officially closes, but you know that you are on the wind down.

With the rental business booming at LaVanta we see a similar visitor pattern emerging every year. In May and June we welcome lots of our owners who want some early sunshine and to make sure that their property is already to welcome guests for the new season. May half term is a great opportunity for people with children to take advantage of cheaper flights and moderate temperatures.


Turtles in Kalkan Bay


We are blessed with so many beautiful beaches in and around Kalkan. Read any travel blog or newspaper article and they will wax lyrical about the beauty of Kaputaş and the endless white sands of Patara - both only a short drive from LaVanta. And indeed, why not? Both beaches are fabulous and well worth a visit.

But how often is the town beach in Kalkan overlooked? It is a beautiful little spot and has just received its Blue Flag for cleanliness for the third year running. Go down any weekend and you will see it full of local families splashing around in the clear blue waters. However the visitors to the town beach this Summer aren't just of the human variety. For some reason the last few weeks have seen an influx of Turtles swimming in the bay - yes there are lots of them and guests have reported that you can swim really close to them. What's made them suddenly come to shore - we don't know but it's lovely to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat


Kalkan Old Town Roadworks

The roadworks……hmm. They”ve been going on for quite some time now and the disruption they have caused to day to day life in the old town have been well documented. Basically the infrastructure serving the old town was well past its sell by date and needed replacing. Similarly there was a mindset amongst those in power at the Belediye, that the actual road surface could be improved making a vast improvement for the thousands of tourists who visit every year.


Turkish Wine on a World Stage

Think of the world’s fine wines and which countries do you immediately think of – France, Australia, Chile?

I am guessing that Turkey wouldn’t even appear on that list. But in fact Turkey has more than 1200 named grape varieties, both international and indigenous, and the climate and soil in many parts of the country lend themselves exceptionally well to wine production.


Kalkan Harbour Development Plans

If you are a follower of all things Kalkan, then you have probably already heard of the plans to re-develop the harbour area – certainly it has been the talk of the town amongst Kalkan residents and as always change has an amazing power to divide opinion. Most of us love the harbour area, with its plethora of restaurants and bars, as it is and would never have contemplated change. But change isn’t always a bad thing, is it?


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