Balık Ekmek

Balik Ekmek in Fethiye harborAnyone who has visited a half decent 'gastro pub' in the UK in recent years will have seen the appearance of fish finger sandwiches on the menu - for many of us a throw back to our school days. But the fish finger sandwich fades into total insignificance when compared to Turkey's much beloved Balık Ekmek.

If you have been to Istanbul and headed down to the Galata Bridge on the Bosphorus you will have seen numerous street vendors serving up these tasty fish sandwiches to local and tourists alike, all times of day and night. Last time I was in Istanbul it was a must have for me but unfortunately they do not seem to have made an appearance in Kalkan.

However a couple of weeks ago I went to Fethiye, just an hour away now that the D400 has been given its latest upgrade, and was accompanied by my friend Tuğba. Once we had completed everything on our to do list (which mainly involved trolling round the shops for hints you just can't get in Kalkan) she suggested that we go for lunch. I was expecting a brisk walk to the fish market, but no, we set off in the opposite direction and headed for the harbour

The harbour in Fethiye is lovely, with a wide promenade that stretches all the way from Karagözler through to Çaliş. A great spot to sit and people watch - and there are lots of people to watch. Some of them sipping çay or Turkish coffee whilst reading the paper, some power walking or cycling to get their daily dose of exercise and of course lots and lots of boats and fishermen.

We headed for a small boat that has been moored at the same spot for years serving up Balık Ekmek. That's all they sell - there's no menu, but who needs a menu when you can sit on a boat, gently bobbing, and enjoy a simple grilled fish sandwich.

In Istanbul the fish tends to be mackerel, but for our Fethiye version we were served fresh Mesgit, quickly grilled, sprinkled with salt and red pepper flakes, lots of fresh salad and lemon all in a soft half bread. Nothing fancy but a perfect cheap, tasty and healthy lunch

With the change rate perfuming well in favor of tourists now is the perfect time to book your next holiday to Kalkan, and whilst you are here maybe have a look at some of the tremendous investment opportunities at LaVanta. Kalkan is a perfect place to explore the wider region on this Lycian coast and should you find yourselves in Fethiye, then go and try a fish sandwich - highly recommended!



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