They Think It's All Over - It Is Now (Or Is It?)

As I sit and write it's a lovely Spring-like day. The sky is blue and shimmering on a lovely calm sea and as it's been like this for a few days perhaps I can finally start to believe that the long Winter days are finally over. Or am I being a tad over-ambitious with this statement? Should I stick to that old adage of never casting a clout until May is out?

When people are considering purchasing a home at LaVanta, one of the questions I am asked on a regular basis is, 'What's the weather like in Winter?'. Until now I have always been able to answer quite honestly that we have very mild Winters here in Kalkan. Anyone who has stayed over the Winter months will be able to tell you of Christmas or New Years days spent sitting in the sunshine, on he harbor sipping something cold and fizzy - heaven! In the past we have always said that we can usually count on good weather until December and if we are going to have any bad weather it will usually be between January and March when we may see a few storms.


But this year has been different. The weather has been dreadful. Its been cold - so cold. We have experienced everything from ferocious thunder storms, torrential rain and hail, gale force winds and even mini tornadoes out at sea. And furthermore we have had snow. Real snow in Kalkan. Turkey is a vast country and there are numerous Winter sports destinations now making a name for themselves. In fact one of our homeowners has just led a group to Davras where I am told conditions and facilities are excellent - who need to venture all the way to the Alps? But to have snow this far south is simply unheard of. 

Is global warming finally becoming a reality in Kalkan? Whatever it is I will be glad when we can finally say that it's over for another year and I can start discarding some of those many layers of clothes we have all been forced to wear

A couple of weeks ago my friend and I decided to go for a hammam in Kaş. We set off early in the morning in thick cloud and were actually quite giddy with excitement as we wended our way along the coast road watching huge waves break over the rocks. Two hours later, feeling clean, glowing and very relaxed we began our short homeward journey. neither of us could have foreseen what had happened in those two short hours

The first indication that perhaps things weren't as they should be was when the police road block diverted us up through Göktepe - only a minor diversion that rejoined the main coast road just a bit further up. We joined the slow moving procession of traffic to witness 15 metro waves crashing across the road and bringing with them rocks, boulders and all sorts of debris. Clearly it wasn't somewhere we wanted to hang around for very long! It soon became apparent that the road simply wasn't passable so we did our best 3 point turn and headed back to Kaş. 

There was no real cause for confer, we would just pick up the mountain road and head back that way. Five hours later - yes, five hours, we finally got back to Kalkan. To say it was an adventure would be an understatement. We could never have envisaged the conditions we would have to drive through. 

We stopped for directions just outside Kaş, to be told that the road we had planned to take was closed due to snowfall. So we probably took the longest, most circuitous route ever - we had no option. I have to say that before the weather really deteriorated we drove through some of the most staggeringly beautiful countryside with awesome scenery which makes you realize just how beautiful this country is. 

But then the weather did deteriorate badly and we drove mile after endless mile through thick fog and heavy snow. If there's one thing I hate it's driving in that type of conditions, but with the help of some good samaritans we finally made it.  It certainly reaffirmed my belief that people are essentially good - we had our own dedicated guide who got into the car to guide us through, a tractor driver who changed course to flatten out the snow on the road in front of us and where would we have been without our own JCB and driver who had to step in when we just couldn't get any traction at all. I have never been so pleased to see the lights of Kalkan spread out before me, and let me tell you that these snowy conditions lasted until just about 15 kms outside Kalkan. 

After that mammoth journey what I really needed was a good, stiff drink but it coincided with my annual month off the alcohol so I had to make do with a hot chocolate

So is it all over. has Spring finally sprung. well I really hope so, but I'm not sure. I have spoken at length to Tuğba who mans our gate and various other locals and they tell me it is the 'Cemre'. seemingly there are three of them and the third is still to come. What is the Cemre. I really don't know. I have looked on Google to try and find an explanation and translation but all to no avail. It just doesn't translate but the three Cemre's equate to the land, the air and the sea and we are still waiting for the final one. Please hurry up and come soon!

Then we can get on with enjoying Spring, which is the most beautiful time of year here at LaVanta and throughout Kalkan. The wild flowers are in bloom and there is an air of anticipation as all the businesses start to prepare for a new season. 

If you are planning your Summer holiday and would like to experience LaVanta in weather very, very different to that described above, please get in touch as many of our owners do make their properties available for rent and we can put you in touch with them


Waves crashing on the coast road to Kas 


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