The Big Freeze

Wow! It's been cold this week in Kalkan. And when I say cold I mean cold, as in a weather front all the way from Siberia. When you you live here all year round you get used to waking up 95% of the time to bright blue skies and at worst moderate temperatures. It's one of those questions that we are always asked - "So what's it like in Winter?" Most of the time we can say in all honesty that it's nice. Nice in that sitting on the harbor in a T-shirt and sunglasses, sipping a glass of wine sort of way!

But when the weather turns you certainly know about it. The weather reports on the TV news often show snowy scenes from the East and even from Istanbul, but we tend to miss the worst of the weather. But last week was probably the coldest I have ever known it in the four years I have lived here. It was -1 when I drove up to work and never picked up. The water in the children's pool froze over, the water in the taps froze........that's cold



However it did make me think about the genetic differences between us Northern Europeans and those of a more Mediterranean persuasion. So unused are we to warm temperatures that we strip off at the first sign of sunshine. Let's face it 15 degrees constitutes Summer for us as we rush to get the barbecue out. But the temperature has to be at least 26 degrees before our Turkish friends and colleagues will consider losing a layer of clothing.

I clearly recall a lovely June day when our construction manager took a tour around LaVanta with one of our owners. The said owner was bare chested and sporting shorts and sandals - our manager had on thick corduroy trousers, a shirt, sweater and ski jacket because the weather hadn't settled

It's the same at home. I can sit on our balcony in shorts and a bikini top and the other half will emerge in long trousers, a hooded top with the hood up and a coat on top because its cold. So maybe it is genetic and we just feel degrees of heat and cold differently.

So after the coldest spell I have ever experienced it has finally started to get warmer, but the wind and rain has set in and its all very bleak. But that's just today because one of the posies in living in beautiful Kalkan is that the bad weather never lasts for long. We can all cope with one or two days of greenness because we know it is literally a couple of days, not a couple of months like in my home town of Manchester. The skies will be blue tomorrow, or the next day and once we get to March we know that Summer is on its way and its time to discard the layers and put the ski jackets back in storage.....well thats just the ex-pat population, my other half and his contemporaries will be wrapped up til June!

Snow on the Taurus Mountains


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