Phoenix from the Flames

This time last week was just another day. I nice day as I recall, with lovely blue skies and everyone was just going about their business. As always people were taking advantage of the good weather to stroll along the harbour and maybe enjoy lunch and a few drinks at one of their favorite harbourside restaurants

None of us could have guessed that overnight, disaster would strike. But it did and with a vengeance!


Fire raging on Kalkan Harbour

In the early hours of wednesday morning a fire broke out at one of the bars on the harbour - an electrical fault we are told. But due to the high winds that evening, the fire very quickly spread and despite the best efforts of the emergency services and numerous volunteers a total of five bars and restaurants were totally wiped out. 

As the news spread the next morning the shock from everyone was almost tangible. How could this happen? Restaurants we were sitting in just a couple of days before had now gone. Fortunately there were no casualties but Kleo bar did lose one of their dogs which is so sad

I was down on the harbor on wednesday afternoon, and despite the number of people who had gathered there was an eerie silence, with the bar owners sitting with their heads in the hands to see their livelihoods and hopes and dreams in pieces

Kalkan Harbour after the fire

But this is Kalkan and the spirit of the local people is indomitable and within a few days a new sense of hope has emerged. The people involved have been overwhelmed by the messages of support they have received from all over the world. They will rebuild and like a phoenix from the flames these businesses will be back. Knowing Kalkan and how things happen once they start rebuilding, everything will come together very quickly indeed. I am confident that they will all be back for next season and will be even better than before. Whilst it is not possible for the community to give financial support to the business owners at this time, all we can do is make sure we support them when they re-open for the season

Our thoughts are with everyone who was affected and we wish them all well for the future


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