Who Said the Weather Could be Unpredictable

It's a funny time of year and unpredictable has to be the word that describes the weather at this time of year. We are often asked, by people looking for some late sunshine, what is the weather like in October. And why not - it's half term holidays and lots of our guests want to grab a flight and enjoy a final week at LaVanta. Well sometimes they get lucky and have a week of glorious sunshine with temperatures well into the mid 20's......and sometimes they are plain unlucky, as happened to our guests a couple of weeks ago

Summer has been exceptional, but as we get into October the temperatures gradually start to decrease. For many guests and homeowners September and October are the best times to visit as the heat has abated to more manageable levels. Just two short weeks ago the weather 'took a turn' as we say where I come from.

Stormy weather - not just Ella Fitzgerald waxing lyrical but an accurate description to what hit us here at LaVanta

The strange thing was that you could see the storms far out at sea, picking up pace and rolling in towards Kalkan. And when they came, they came with a vengeance. We were enjoying a late afternoon drink in the Club House when we saw the tell tale signs of raindrops on the pool...and then the heavens opened and the deluge came. And not just rain! Hailstones the size of golf balls bounced off the terrace as we beat a retreat into the Club House without anyones' spirits being similarly dampened.

The storms raged for a couple of days and nights with the ominous rumbling of thunder never far away and the streets of Kalkan turned into fast flowing rivers. The skies over Kalkan were certainly spectacular as you can see from this photo (Credit: Devrem Celebi)

But we are pleased to say that now we are in November we have our weather back - beautiful blue skies and lovely warm days. It's a great time to come out and maybe explore the many walks on the Lycian Way and now that there are flights from the UK running to Dalaman throughout the Winter why not take advantage of them

Stormy skies over Kalkan

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