And So Another Season Ends

Just as the start of every new season creeps up on us, so the tell tale signs that another season is drawing to a close start to appear. The traffic on the streets lessens, the demographic of the people wandering enjoying the natural beauty of the old town subtly changes and one by one the restaurants and bars start to close for the Winter


But perhaps the clearest marker of all that the Summer is over is the boats coming out of the water. The harbor is the focal point of Kalkan and the traditional wooden gulets that gently bob up and down in their moorings add to the charm. In fact a day out on a boat is one of the highlights of many peoples' holiday as they explore the numerous coves and swim in the turquoise sea.

But all good things must come to an end and every year at the end of October a crane appears on the harbor and one by one the boats are lifted out of the water and carefully placed on wooden stilts in 'dry dock'. After a couple of months rest you can see all the boat owners starting on the repairs and upgrades needed to ready them for next year - it's all part of an endless cycle.

Well that time has come around again and at weekend the crane arrived and we all looked on as the boats were hoisted into the air and gently positioned in their designated slot

Boats coming out of the water for Winter

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