Change in the Seasons

When does Summer end for you? Is it when the heating goes back on - although in the UK and Europe this can happen at any time. Is it when the nights start drawing in? Or is it when the kids go back to school?

The start of the school term both in Turkey and Europe at the beginning of September heralds the fact that the season is drawing to a close. OK, maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration with two months until the season officially closes, but you know that you are on the wind down.

With the rental business booming at LaVanta we see a similar visitor pattern emerging every year. In May and June we welcome lots of our owners who want some early sunshine and to make sure that their property is already to welcome guests for the new season. May half term is a great opportunity for people with children to take advantage of cheaper flights and moderate temperatures.


However, be warned there is no way of escaping from the fact that in May the pool hasn't warmed up. In fact its cold! Children don't seem to feel the cold and we have witnessed lots of very brave dads shivering on the steps whilst their energetic five year old hurls him or herself into the 'icy depths'.

As soon as they leave we see lots of couples, or groups of 'ladies of a certain age' who have left their husbands at home and come away for a bit of retail therapy - and for that read handbag shopping!

Then we get into Summer. Soaring temperatures and this year it seems to have been hotter than ever. And Summer means families. We are fortunate that here at LaVanta about 60% of our guests are returning - many of them have now been here for four consecutive years and they all know each other and every year introduce a new family to LaVanta. In fact it is like a huge extended family. But it is different. As I look out onto the pool as I write, silence reigns. There are just a few people lazing in the sun or enjoying a cold beer. But just one short week ago it was very different. The noise levels were raised, the sun beds were full, games of water polo were taking place in the pool and the bar was busy. And it was FUN!


Busy pool in Summer 

People often ask what do you prefer? Which is your favorite part of the season? It's difficult to say. We love it when it's busy and vibrant and full of families. We love seeing everyone having fun and clearly enjoying themselves. We love seeing the kids who seem to grow so much between visits. But we also love it when its like this - a haven of peace and tranquility.


Quiet pool

As everyone with children departs we have a bit of a lull this week. Then at weekend we go into September mode. September is a lovely month. The temperatures have settled and yet the pool and the sea are still lovely. Lots of friends come back to see us in September - owners, guests and all of them friends. we are lucky that all of our rental guests love Lavanta and want to come back time and time again. And this is great news for our owners who see a healthy return on their investment. If you haven't been to LaVanta and are thinking about next years holiday then we do have lots of amazing villas and apartments available to rent direct from the owners. We always say that September is when the grown ups come back - but sometimes the antics aren't entirely grown up as the partying continues

And then it really is time for the fat lady to start practicing her scales as another season draws to a close. Our official season runs from May to October and we already have bookings into the beginning of November! Contact us if you fancy a late week in the sun!











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