Turtles in Kalkan Bay


We are blessed with so many beautiful beaches in and around Kalkan. Read any travel blog or newspaper article and they will wax lyrical about the beauty of Kaputaş and the endless white sands of Patara - both only a short drive from LaVanta. And indeed, why not? Both beaches are fabulous and well worth a visit.

But how often is the town beach in Kalkan overlooked? It is a beautiful little spot and has just received its Blue Flag for cleanliness for the third year running. Go down any weekend and you will see it full of local families splashing around in the clear blue waters. However the visitors to the town beach this Summer aren't just of the human variety. For some reason the last few weeks have seen an influx of Turtles swimming in the bay - yes there are lots of them and guests have reported that you can swim really close to them. What's made them suddenly come to shore - we don't know but it's lovely to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat



Turtles in Kalkan Bay 

Patara has long provided a protected environment for the Loggerhead Turtle (Caretta caret) to lay its eggs, but to see them around Kalkan beach is unusual. Many of them are up to a metro in length and we have even been told of sightings of them up to two metros....but maybe that's just a 'fisherman's tale'.

Sometimes the power of nature to amaze and astound us takes me by surprise. There is something really emotional about seeing these ancient creatures just a few feet away.

Every now and then we will hear about sightings of Dolphins in the bay here in Kalkan and that is always cause for great excitement. In all my time here I have dreamed of seeing Dolphins but it just never happened> Friends would return from boat trips with stories of how the Dolphins had swum alongside. But despite going on a boat trip most weeks, it never happened to me. Until last year when my dream came true. We had headed out on the aptly name Moby Dick, and due to the October weather being unseasonably good with very calm waters, we went beyond the headland towards Patara - another first! Deniz, our captain - he of the eagle eyes - alerted us to just a slight movement in the sea in the distance. We cut the engines and just sat and suddenly there were three beautiful Dolphins playing around the boat and leaping in and out of the water. Awesome!

It just makes us realize that we are just visitors who are privileged to share their world for a while


Turtles in Kalkan Bay

But if you are in Kalkan, hopefully staying at LaVanta, in the next few weeks why not head down to the beach and look out for the Turtles or even a Dolphin or two!









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