Kalkan Old Town Roadworks

The roadworks……hmm. They”ve been going on for quite some time now and the disruption they have caused to day to day life in the old town have been well documented. Basically the infrastructure serving the old town was well past its sell by date and needed replacing. Similarly there was a mindset amongst those in power at the Belediye, that the actual road surface could be improved making a vast improvement for the thousands of tourists who visit every year.

We have all sat at a bar or restaurant, and quietly sniggered as a beautiful woman, dressed to the nines attempts Kalkan’s streets perched precariously atop a pair of Jimmy Choos’s with 6” heels! Go on – admit it, you have smiled at that sight.

Well what the Belediye proposes will make it much easier for all of us to take a leisurely stroll down the the old town.

The problem is that having dug up the roads in November, not much else has happened and that has caused quite a few old town residents to “rant’ about what’s going on (or not going on in this case) I agreed to meet friends for a coffee on Saturday lunchtime. Having parked the car by the taxi rank I hadn’t realized that the town is nigh on impossible to access. But we took a somewhat circuitous route through the back streets and despite taking longer than I expected it took me down streets I have never, ever walked down in the 4 years I have lived here. So there’s a good side to everything! The good news is that work has now started and pipes are being laid and hopefully everything will be ready for the start of the season.

A friend of mine spoke very wisely on facebook this week and if I may I would like to quote her: “Kalkan is a beautiful place-it is not looking it's best at the moment but that is because it is undergoing some work in order to improve the roads- at some point it will be even nicer than before! I think it's safe to say it is an upheaval and an inconvenience for the residents and İ sympathise. Whilst the project is much needed the management hasn't been handled very well this is true-however İ think we have covered that and we are now at risk of only offering very negative messages about Kalkan that will only make local businesses suffer more as no one will come! Positive thoughts beautiful Kalkan will be even more beautiful soon”.

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